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substantial number of mutations were drivers rather than passengers. The group of mutations showing greatest deviation from the typical pattern of around 40 earlier was the truncating mutations (and especially indels). A non-random distribution could be explained in two ways: i) the rate of indel mutations was high before endoreduplication and low after, relative to most other types of mutation i
Deffects in the trehalose biosynthetic pathway generate a variety of outcomes in various organisms like microorganisms yeasts, crops bugs or nematodes. In S. cerevisiae reduction of the control on hexokinase action by T6P is one of the brings about of the deficiency of progress of a tps1 mutant in glucose, while in S. pombe whose hexokinases are not delicate to T6P this phenotype is not noticed fo
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uring mentalizing about others. From a deterministic viewpoint, uncertainty is always caused by a lack of knowledge. Nevertheless, uncertainty has been operationally divided into two constructs: risk or expected uncertainty,FIGURE 2 | Involvement of DMFC in self-other distinction. A group of DMFC neurons ("partner-type neurons") were preferentially activated when the recorded monkey observed anoth
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